Which Smoker works well in Cold Weather?

Winters in America are getting severe every year, so this led to an interesting thought which smoker would work in such severe conditions. I mostly work indoors in kitchen, but most home cooks grill on their patios. Such home cooks find it difficult to grill during winters.

Winter BBQ

If it snows heavily in your area it would be difficult to work on charcoal or gas grills. Another reason why I recommend to use electric smokers. You might have noticed that I have bias towards electric smokers but you can clearly see they can prove to be more beneficial.

Do electric smokers really work that well in winters?

Many will be wondering if electric smokers really work that well in winters. Yes they work better than other smokers but still they are machines and they have their operating range. Your electric smoker won’t work below -20 degree Celsius. If this is the case, my recommendation to you would be too not use the smoker. However if the weather is friendly you can surely cook, but you need to take certain precautions.

If the weather is below 32 degree Fahrenheit you need to cook with caution. Most electric smokers are coated with insulators and companies claim that they won’t be affected in the cold. But this is not the case. The walls of the smoker get cold and that affects the temperature.

First of all, it will take longer than usual to reach the desired heat. And similarly, it cools down more quickly. So you would have to make some adjustments.

Secondly, you have to be careful while cleaning the racks of the smoker. You need to wipe them immediately after you spray some water. You don’t want any deposits on your racks. During winters it would be difficult to clean the oil stains.

Finally, you have to take care of the wooden pucks, don’t leave the door of the smoker open. You will also have to store them in a dry place away from the cold.


Now let’s talk about some of the precautions you can take. You can wrap an insulated cloth or material across the width of the smoker. This will increase the insulation and increase the chances of proper heat function.

Next, move inside. This step obviously sounds a cliché but you can do this to avoid any hassles. Inside you can set the room temperature and you would have to change nothing.

Anyway, there is something which you cannot do. Some gave me advice and it was actually very stupid. I am sharing this because a lot of people actually do this. Don’t place a portable heater near your smoker. They do it to increase the heat, but this can cause adverse effects. Most heaters emit harmful gases, which can mix with the food and thus contaminate it. Please don’t do this!

So this is what you can do during winters. Grilled food tastes amazing during winters and it is advisable to take these small measures. If you have any other suggestion that has not been shared feel free to share it in the comments section, looking to hear from all of you.

Next I would be sharing another recipe with you all, till then happy barbequing.


Different Replacement Parts for your Smoker

Hey folks,

Hope you liked the Salmon recipe I shared with you last time, and as I promised in this post I am sharing some of the replacement parts that you might need in your Electric Smoker. You don’t need to buy these parts right away, but if you start to see any malfunction in your smoker you might have to use them. I have worked with various electric smokers over the years and there has been some consistency with the parts which breakdown fast.

This is even the case with Bradley Electric Smoker. Usually the smoker holds up for at least 3-4 hours, and if you use it well, you can extend this to a period of 6-7 years.

Now let’s get down to the parts.

  1. Door Thermometer
    You don’t want your thermometer to malfunction but if it does it is absolutely necessary to get one. Older smokers had Analogue Thermometers and there malfunction was quite easy to detect. But if you are using a digital smoker you might have to call the experts to replace it. If you start to see inconsistent heating or if the value being displayed seems inaccurate you should call in the experts.
  2. Insulator
    Insulator is used to protect you. They do not conduct heat or electricity. Usually there is coating on the racks, but if you feel the heat (Note – Be careful it might even cause severe burns on your hand), it is a signal that there is something wrong with the coating. You can get a new insulator very easily.
  3. Fuse or Wires
    Wires transfer electricity from the power source to the smoker. Generally these are usually made of fine material, but due to some mishandling they might get tampered. In that case it is best to get a replacement wire.
  4. Heat Control Switch
    This is a very important part of your smoker. This controls the heat of the whole smoker. Sometimes the switch which is responsible for this might get tampered or broken. You will again need an expert to replace this. But there is an indicative light on the smoker which informs you if the switch is malfunctioning. You just need to contact the customer care and they will send in engineers to replace the switch.
  5. Racks
    You store your food on racks or let’s just say that everything cooks on the racks. So it is important for them to stay in perfect condition. In some cases you need to get a replacement rack. So you can get a new rack immediately. But you need to get the rack of the exact dimensions. You can contact the customer care or visit the Bradley Forum to know more about this. There various other ways through which you can increase the life of these racks and keeping the clean and dry is the best thing for your racks.

That’s about it, these are the major replacement parts that might malfunction. There are other small parts which might malfunction, but they are quite easy to get.

So will be sharing something interesting with you next time around, till then happy barbequing.


Smoking Salmon in the Electric Smoker

Hey Folks,

First of all I would like to apologize because, I have been unable to update this blog for the past 3 weeks. Well the reason for this is that I was busy with a wedding. My restaurant was catering for a wedding in Napa Valley, and I had to go there. It was a great wedding though, had a lot of fun.

Anyway I would like to share with you all how to smoke Salmon in a Bradley electric smoker.

There are many other ways to smoke salmon or for that matter any fish in a smoker, but I have developed a method that seems to work well.

First of you would need to buy wooden pucks, to get the smoky taste, I personally recommend alpine pucks, but you can choose any other flavour too.

Apart from that you need a few other things too.

I have listed them here:

  • Salt
  • Wire Rack
  • Plastic Container
  • Sweetener
  • A brush

And yes you would need a salmon. You can choose any salmon. I personally prefer the king salmon but you can also go for pink salmon or sockeye.

You can smoke the salmon with or without a skin, however it is easier to cook it without a skin.

Next if you only plan to smoke fish, I would recommend to smoke to smoke most of the fish together. You need to fill your smoker with fish so that they are no empty spaces.

Salmon Cooking

Next you need to start your preparation for the fish. Mix all the ingredients like the fish brine, salt and sweetener. You need to mix them in a plastic container. After all the mixing is done store the salmon in the refrigerator. You can store the marinated fish for 24 hours. But I find no major difference if you store it for 14-16 hours.

Next step deals with drying the fish. This is somewhat tricky and many home cooks fail at this step. I use a hands free strategy for this. I place the salmon in the smoker itself and heat it at 60 degrees for 5-7 minutes. Note keep the exact temperature settings. Anything increasing this temperature range will cause harm to your fish. You can slightly vary the duration of this but slightly. It depends on the quantity of fish you are looking to cook.

Now when this done, take the fish out and allow it to cool for 10-15 minutes.

Now comes the cooking part.

Place the wooden pucks you bought and keep them in the top compartment. Placing them in the top rack would ensure that the smokes travels throughout.

Now you need to cook the fish at 120 degrees Fahrenheit for 2 hours. You can increase the temperature by 15-20 degrees after every 30 minutes.

When you have placed the fish for around 110 minutes, you need to cool it down. Reduce the temperature by 10 degrees for the initial 10 minutes, then you have to decrease it further to 90 degrees.

After that your smoky salmon is ready to eat. You can garnish it with some coriander.

That’s it folks, do try this recipe and share your experiences with me.

Next time I will share a post with you all about the various replacement parts that you might need. Till then, happy barbequing.


How my wife’s birthday party turned into a Nerf gun Slugfest?

Just like I told you, we celebrated my Wife’s birthday last month and it turned to be memorable. Few amazing incidents happened and I wanted to share them with all of you.

So we planned a get together in our home of around 25-30 family members. I themed the party as BBQ Party. I bought pork, steak, chicken and few veggies. The night before I marinated some of these. Don’t worry I will soon share one amazing recipe with you. Anyway, so I was prepared and excited about the occasion.nerf gun ammo

Ah Yes, I gifted my wife a painting. Now this may seem absurd but let me tell you about it. My wife went to Art School, and she really admires one particular artist.  But it difficult to purchase his paintings. It was something that she really wanted. And I decided to gift her one of his paintings. I really had to do lots and lots of searching. I mean, I have been looking for this for the last 10 months. She was so happy after seeing it. She even got a bit emotional, and it really made my day. So the mood was set and guests started coming in. After offering few packaged snacks and drinks, I started preparing for the BBQ.

And yes, I think I forgot to mention the grill I use, its none other than the Bradley Electric 6-Rack Smoker. So I use what I recommend. Anyway as I was cooking everyone gathered in the backyard. We had few kids at the party too, and Frank (Which led to the Slugfest) had one crazy idea in his mind.

So the meal was ready and everyone started digging in. Laughs and stories about my wife were being shared. Meanwhile, Frank and the other kids were busy playing with these Nerf Guns. Frankly, I didn’t knew what they were. You can say that I am a little ignorant. Anyway, Frank is some kind of pro when it comes to Nerf Guns and Nerf Guns battles. And yes, for those you of who don’t know what these things are, well Nerf Guns are essentially plastic guns which fire foam darts. Nowadays many competitions are organized involving them and Frank has won quite a few of them. Kids take part in weird competitions these days. Anyway, kids were clearly having lot of fun, and Frank came over and said – “Why don’t you old folks join us and rediscover your youth?”, cocky little fellow he is. I asked, “How can we all play, they are not that much guns”. Turns out he forced his parents to keep their car loaded with Nerf Guns. He bought in around 30-40 guns and I don’t know many bullets (foam darts) and the kids challenged us. The designs of these Nerf Guns is really fascinating. They come in all shape and size. I was really impressed seeing them. We all were, and we somehow got tempted. You can see for yourself, just Click Here to see top Nerf guns of this year. Frank explained us few rules, assigned us some positions and we started.

I never thought that childish things can give so much of happiness. Everyone was so excited, teams were formed, strategies were designed, and we all got so involved. We actually ‘battled’.

It truly was a Slugfest, and we really really had a lot of fun. I just wanted to share this with my audience and sometimes playing like small kids can really give you happiness.

So another post is in the works and I will share it with you all soon, till then happy barbecuing.


How to cook in a Bradley Smoker

 Last time established the great features of Bradley which makes its smoker the perfect choice. Now if you go for this, you need to follow certain steps before you can start cooking.

There are various steps you need to follow before cooking your first meal in a Bradley Electric Smoker. We have some steps for you which you can follow. You can also check out this great video, where he shows how to cook a brisket in a Bradley Smoker.

Step 1

When assembling is done you first need to make sure your smoker is clean. This is done to make sure that your smoker is free from any manufacturing or packaging contaminant. You will need few paper towels. You can also take some disinfectant liquid. Wipe the grill plates with paper towels. You can sprinkle some water first. After that spray some disinfectant and then again wipe with paper towels. You can clean the exterior with any cloth.

Step 2

Before you cook anything you need to make sure that the plates are ready. For this just sprinkle some oil on the plates or the rack. Do so on each rack. Then heat the smoker for around 15 to 20 minutes. This is done to make sure the plates are ready for cooking. After that turn off the supply. You can then wipe the plates again with paper towels.

Step 3

This step involves making sure that the food you need to cook is ready. Make sure that whatever you are cooking is cut into small pieces. If you need to grill vegetables, cut them into small pieces. You can also cut your meat to small pieces. You then need to season your meat. There are a lot of ways to do this. You can check few recipe books to learn more about this.

Step 4

Before you put your food inside the smoker, make sure you pre heat it. The duration for this can be 15 minutes. Set the temperature according to the manual.


Step 5

You next need to set the temperature for you cook. Bradley digital smoker has digital temperature settings. You can choose different temperatures for different time of your cook. Make sure that your food is cooking properly. You can be rest assured that Bradley cooks the food throughout but for that your temperature settings need to be appropriate.

Step 6

After your cooking is done. Don’t take your food out immediately. You can wait for some time. This allows the juices to settle down and this makes the food much more delicious. You should do this for around 10 minutes. After that you can take your food out.

Step 7

This step is basically done after the cooking is complete. After cooking cleaning can be an issue for some. So we recommend you to pre-soak the plates with water. This helps in getting rid of the oil that might stick to the plates or the rack.

Step 8

After the pre-soaking you can clean your smoker. You can make use of dishwasher for this. After its done make sure you leave the plates or the rack completely dry. You should not allow any moisture to accumulate on the surface.


These are the steps you can follow for cooking in Bradley Smoker.


And I have some news for you, my wife is having her birthday on 29th of this month. We are organizing an old school family get together to somehow give credit to its great father. IF something interesting happens will share with you. Till then Stay healthy.


Why to choose Electric Smokers?

Barbequing and smoking food in general is a passion lot of us share. I want to give home cooks the exact procedure which they need to follow to start barbequing from your home. To do this you first need a smoker. If you want to buy a new smoker the first question arises what kind of smoker you should go for. They are many different kinds of smokers which you can buy. From electric smokers, to charcoal smokers to gas smokers there are many different categories of smokers. And in each category there are many different smokers available.

I mostly prefer, electric smokers and today I would like to share with you the top 5 reason why you should go for electric smokers.

  1. They are convenient to use

For most smokers you need to worry about the fuel. In case of charcoal smokers you need to get coal. Electric smokers are however as the name suggests are powered by electricity. So you just have to plug in the smoker to a power source. This make these smokers very convenient. You also don’t have to worry about safety hazards which other smokers might cause. They are also a lot more environment friendly. You can check this brilliant article on how to use an electric smoker  to know more about this.

  1. More Space

Since in electric smokers you don’t need any coal, you have extra space to cook your food. Most of the electric smokers have 3-6 racks. This helps to provide lot of space. There are also smaller choices available but overall electric smokers make use of space more efficiently.

  1. Sturdy

I have found that, electric smokers manufactured these days are a lot sturdier. This has a lot to do with the material choices. Most smokers don’t use stainless steel. But electric smokers use alloys of different metals to provide the added security. They can also be moved quite easily.

  1. Technology

Other categories of smokers have not seen much technological advancements over the years. This has partly do with the fuel used. The fuel makes it difficult to bring in major design changes. Electric smokers however can be modified easily. Some users complain that electric smokers don’t have the smoky taste which is associated with charcoal smokers. But with the new Bradley smoker, you can use wooden pellets. They bring in the same smoky taste.

  1. Cheaper

Electric smokers are also lot cheaper. Maintaining them is also not that difficult. Since they run on electricity these smokers can use material like plastic in some areas. This helps in reducing the cost.

  1. Cleaning

Electric smokers can be cleaned in a breeze. You can just wipe them with paper towels, to get rid of the oil stains. Since most parts are removable you can clean them separately. Most of these parts are dish washer friendly. So this can save you a lot of time. The colours on the metals hold much longer since they are not exposed any harmful chemical which is the case in propane smokers.

There are many other reasons why electric smokers are preferred over other smokers. But these are the top reasons. Next time I will share some electric smokers that I personally use and recommend to my friends also.


The Electric Smoker which I prefer the most

Last time, I shared why you should go for electric smokers, and this post will give you some insight on one particular electric smoker which I prefer. This smoker comes from a trusted brand Bradley and thousands of users have followed in love with it.

Bradley electric smokers are easily the best smokers for people looking to cook or those who like to host a barbecue party. Smokers are loved by food lovers obviously and most importantly by the lazy ones who do not want to cook meat the old fashioned way.

The old fashioned way of cooking meat requires one to have a heating source, say a bon fire and then cooking the meat with the help of rods and stuff. Once you start cooking the meat, there is also a loss of taste and flavour caused by the heat. Also, this traditional way of cooking causes the flavour to be a bit off and the occasional mix and mess. These smokers are powered by electricity and so reduce the harmful gases being passed into the atmosphere by a significant amount.

I dig up some customer views before recommending this to you and the Bradley smoker reviews which many customers have shared are mostly postitive. The most recent ones are equipped with many features of this model. Some customers have even shared few cons. In every product there are bound to be some limitations. But according to me, in the case of Bradley they are not that substantial. There are many other companies offering their electric smokers and claiming to be the #1 smoker in the market. But they are mostly biased reviews which bring them sales and commissions.

Bradley smokers is a well renowned company and can be trusted with quality. This is what makes them one of the best companies in the market. Also, these smokers have removable racks which make the cleaning a lot easier. If you are one of those tidy people, ease in cleaning should be a huge +1 for you, else other smokers keep on getting dirty. Now that we are discussing electric smoker racks, I would also like to point out that these smokers come in 2 different versions – a 4 rack one and one with a 6 rack version. If you cook mostly for yourself and your family, the 4 rack Bradley smoker is the best smoker for you. But in case, you are one for the parties and family gatherings, I would highly recommend the 6 rack version of the Bradley smokers.

bradley smoker reviews

One thing that also comes to mind is the temperature and time control. The time control and temperature settings should be considered, if you are more than happy with the manual version for the settings, all you need then is the Bradley original smoker  with 4 racks and manual setting. But if you are one for the fancy things in life, you will love the Bradley smokers 6 rack version equipped with digital settings for these. Also, what makes this even more interesting is that even after the launch of the newer version of the Bradley smokers, people still love the Bradley original smokers and this is even shown by the no. of sales and overall best seller ratings on Amazon. Customers also love the original Bradley for this and have made more purchases and recommendations of the original smoker from Bradley than any other smoker or intact even the newer version.

Bradley original smoker is what will suit you best if you want to cook meat and have it in your kitchen.

There are other choices available, but as I said this is more of a personal choice which is formed by experience and customers who actually use it. In the next article I will give you the step by step guide to cook in Bradley Smoker. Till then, happy cooking.


Starting a New Journey

Hey internet, this is Jeff Carlli, and this website belonged to Restaurant by the name Vermont Street BBQ, in Massachusetts Street, but it shut down, and I was one of the chef. In March, I got a call from Seth, the owner. He called to catch up with me and somehow we came to this website. I shared my aspiration to share my love for food and especially BBQ with the world.

And then this great guy suggested me to use this website to share my “insight and acumen” (his words) about smoking and other passions on this website. I initially was reluctant, as I don’t have much knowledge about web designing. But he connected me with one of his friends, a master in this field. And here I am, up and running with a brand new journey/website to share my love for smoking, my knowledge about Barbeque and once in a while few other things.

I still work in a restaurant so, I don’t know how frequent I would be while updating this website, but I will try my best.

Let the BBQ fun begin 😀